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Dear Readers,

You may contact us as follows by sending an email to one of the following BugandaWatch departments, depending on the nature of your inquiry:

  • Editorial Matters:   editor@BugandaWatch.com
  • Advertising:  marketing@BugandaWatch.com
  • Website Support:  support@BugandaWatch.com

Thank you.


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  • Lt Baziira

    Banange mwogere oluganda. osaba Kisakate, ate okisaba mulusudan? banange tuteke Ekitiibwa mululiimi lwaffe Ekitiibwa!!!!! mu gavument yange lujja kuba lwampaka..

  • Sheilah Kabs

    Good morning ?
    Please help me know the amount of money that will be required for children to be part of Kisaakate for this year.Please help me email me on mariakawooya2006@yahoo.com.