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On July 31, 2017, BugandaWatch received a new update on the welfare of the ladies (Abazaana) and other cultural staff at Kasubi Royal Tombs and the progress with the reconstruction of the main mausoleum house. The email update happily reported that Abazaana and other custodial staff were happy because they got their July food supplies and allowances on time without any of it being stolen by either the guards or the transporter.

However, the update also sadly reported that both the progress and quality of work on Muzibu Azaala Mpanga (the main mausoleum) have dramatically gone down. The email said, “The official site manager, Mr. Jonathan Nsubuga rarely comes to the site since he appointed a Ms. Ethel Nassolo as supervisor. The problem is, the construction workers do not take Ms. Nassolo seriously because she cannot get Mengo to pay or give them food as expected.”

The update further says that, with poor supervision and unreliable income from Mengo, the construction workers decided to clear some of the bush inside the Kasubi Tombs compound and plant food gardens. It adds, “Now they spend the mornings digging in their gardens to avoid starving and start the official construction work when they are already tired.”

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