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Early in July 2017, BugandaWatch received an email tip from a Buganda Government employee claiming that there was a plot at Mengo to sabotage upcoming graduations of Baganda Nkoba za Mbogo Students Association (BANKOSA) members at a school named UMCAT in Nakulabye.  The email claimed that a Mengo minister had instructed a Uganda police detective Lydia Nakyeyune to go to UMCAT and convince the school director to ensure that BANKOSA students get very bad grades, so that they fail to graduate.

One source at UMTAC confirmed to BugandaWatch last Saturday that a Baganda youth leader named Lydia Nakyeyune visited UMCAT a few days before and met with Mr. Charles Ogwel, the school’s director. “I cannot say much because of my job but it is true that Nakyeyune came to meet Mr. Ogwel about stopping Nkoba za Mbogo leaders from graduating”, said the source.

And another source, also at UMCAT, told BugandaWatch that she was shocked to see Lydia Nakyeyune at the school a few weeks ago. She explained that many BANKOSA members believe that Nakyeyune knows something about the attempted murder for a BANKOSA leader who happens to be a student at UMCAT. She added, “What made it shocking to us is that Nakyeyune visited UMCAT shortly after a visit by another man called Kigongo who is close Katikkiro Mayiga. Yet none of them had been seen at UMCAT over the last 12 months.”

The most likely targets of Mengo’s anti BANKOSA campaign of terror include the current BANKOSA chairman Haruna Ssonko, Rita Nabaweesi, Joseph Njuki and James Kasibante. Nabaweesi and Kasibante are supposed to be graduating. Mengo views Lubaga BANKOSA as “rebels” because they heavily participated in a September 28, 2016 press conference that questioned why Mayiga was quiet while Kabaka Mutebi was being sued in Uganda courts (See: Mengo in desperate fight to control damage after Nkoba za Mbogo student protest and accusations)

When Mr. Mayiga became Katikkiro, Mengo started a practice of withdrawing Kabaka’s scholarships and bursaries from students who are not loyal to the Katikkiro. As the number of students who do not support Mayiga’s policies grew, policewoman Nakyeyune was brought into the Buganda Youth Council to help enforce Mengo’s rules.

Over time, however, Nakyeyune has worked with Musaazi, of Kabaka’s Royal Guard, to harass and even illegally imprison BANKOSA members (See: Mengo sliding into dictatorship as minister Sekabembe arrests and imprisons pro-Kabaka students). And after BugandaWatch published a recording of Nakyeyune encouraging other students to do violence, there is growing suspicion Nakyeyune might have something to do with the attempted murder of UMCAT student James Kasibante (See: Nakyeyune’s own voice as she coaches Mayiga’s militia in violence against nationalist Baganda youth).

Since its formation in 1996, UMCAT has steadily grown popularity as school of Journalism and Mass Communication. It has more Baganda students than any other ethnic group. The school’s director, Charles Ogwel, is an NRM politician who comes from Kumi in Teso. Until now, the UMCAT director has avoided getting deeply involved in disagreements between Mengo and Baganda. BugandaWatch continues with investigations.

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