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On July 9, 2017, Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi, who claims to lead an active armed war against the NRM government, warned that when he becomes president he will cancel the all titles for land that has been illegally grabbed in Buganda. The Australia based Muganda cardiologist was responding to a listener’s question about Katikkiro Mayiga’s Kyaapa mu Ngalo money collection campaign on USA based Internet radio channel, Radio Munansi.

On Mayiga’s Kyaapa mu Ngalo, Kiyingi said that Mengo chose a very bad time to introduce it. “Even if there might be some advantages in issuing the people land titles, it was very wrong to introduce the scheme in the current environment of high corruption, land grabbing and document forgeries,” he said.

Dr. Kiyingi warned that, once he removes Museveni and becomes president of Uganda, his government will investigate all disputed  land titles, even beyond 30 years, and cancel any which involved land grabbing. He warned, “Anyone who steals land or buys stolen land, including investors, will lose it and even be put in prison once the original theft is proven.” He added, “Even the lawyers, judges and other officials linked to land grabbing will be charged.”

To those who are being forced off their land illegally Kiyingi advised, “Keep detailed records safely, including copies of your titles. And record all the names of the people involved in land grabbing because that evidence will help to convict and punish these criminals.”

Kiyingi also assured his Radio Munansi audience that his forces were already scoring victories against Museveni’s security forces. Without giving details, he claimed credit for recent successful attacks on Uganda security forces in Kasese. Kiyingi answered questions from callers in USA, Uganda, the UK and other countries.

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