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[Speech audio clips included in this story]

On July 1, 2017 one of the most vocal Baganda nationalists today, Mr. Sewava Sserubiri, said at a Baganda Nkoba za Mbogo Students Association (BANKOSA) event that it is unbelievable that commoners have sued the Kabaka in court, on Buganda land, and Katikkiro Mayiga has nothing to say. Sserubiri was giving the keynote speech at a July 1, 2017 ceremony to install new leaders for the Lubaga Ggombolola (sub-county) chapter of BANKOSA.

Mr. Sewava Sserubiri was joining the brave BANKOSA youths who organized a public protest at Bulange Mengo on September 28, 2016 and courageously told Katikkiro Mayiga to stop looking on while the Kabaka was dishonored by people taking him to court like a commoner (See:  Mengo in desperate fight to control damage after Nkoba za Mbogo student protest and accusations).

In his speech, Sserubiri first described the events of 1953 when Ssekabaka Muteesa II refused to sign an agreement that the British colonialists wanted to impose on Buganda. He explained that Muteesa told the British governor he would not sign until the chiefs, Lukiiko and ordinary Baganda agreed to the terms. And he described how ordinary Baganda rallied to fight for Muteesa’s return from exile, some even sneaking into Britain barefoot, to deliver financial and moral support during legal battles in British courts.

Turning to look directly at former Katikkiro, Dan Muliika, Sserubiri raised his voice to question, “But how can Ssaabasajja Kabaka be taken to court, a high court on Buganda land, which land Buganda leased [to Uganda government], Ssaabasajja Kabaka wa Buganda is taken to court and the Katikkiro fails to officially tell [the Buganda nation]? [Say to] the Baganda of Kyaddondo, Baganda in Kooci, Baganda in Buddu, Baganda in Mawokota, that our Kabaka has been taken to court?”

Sserubiri’s audio:


Frank James Kasibante replaced Njuki Joseph Musaazi as the chairperson of BANKOSA Lubaga chapter.

Other distinguished guests at the ceremony included the former Katikkiro Daniel Muliika, Omutaka Nakirembeka, Alan Waliggo, several past BANKOSA leaders, parents and friends.

BANKOSA Lubaga – Ceremony portrait photo

BANKOSA Lubaga – Leaders group photo


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