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The Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr. Charles Peter Mayiga shocked many Baganda when he told Ugandan news reporters on May 17, 2017 that he intentionally lied to Baganda in 2013 when he promised to complete restoration of Kasubi Tombs within one year. He had taken the local press to Kasubi Tombs in what appears to be an intensive public relations campaign to get a new contract as Katikkiro. Local press reports say that president Museveni and his half-brother, Salim Saleh are strongly lobbying for Mr. Mayiga to get  a new contract but it is difficult to know how such recommendations influence the Kabaka.

Addressing the press in Luganda in Kasubi Royal Tombs, Katikkiro Mayiga said, “Muteera okumbuuza nti lwaaki enyumba teyaggwa mu mwaka gumu. Nayogera nkigenderedde nti ennyumba ejja kuggwa mu mwaaka gumu, mukyamuke mmwe nga Abaganda muwagire entekateeka. Si lwakuba nti nali simanyi buzito bwa mulimu guno.” (“You sometimes ask me why the main house was not completed in one year. I intentionally lied that the main house will be completed in one year, to get you Baganda excited to support the effort.”)

When BugandaWatch asked one of its consultant on Mengo, a retired lawyer, about Mayiga’s statements about lying, he expressed shock. He responded, “Has Mayiga forgotten that when he promised finishing Kasubi in one year he was committing to both Baganda and Kabaka? Has he also forgotten that he always tells us that everything he says as Katikkiro comes directly from Kabaka Mutebi?”

The consultant suggested that Mr. Mayiga seems to be confusing lies with the truth. Adding, “First he tells you that he does everything in the open (bwerufu), not in secret. But he secretly plots to sell the Lubiri. Next he claims that everything he announces is on the instructions of Kabaka Mutebi, his father. After which he tells us that sometimes he lies to us and our Kabaka, to get us excited.”

Katikkiro Mayiga’s Audio:


Soon after becoming Katikkiro in 2013 Mr. Mayiga, vowed to Baganda and the Kabaka that the restoration of Kasubi Tombs, was to be completed by Kabaka Mutebi’s birthday in April 2014. He quickly sidelined Abataka (clan leaders), Baganda princes and princesses and many other Baganda cultural experts on the project, replacing them with Kampala traders and Mengo officials loyal to him. However, on February 1, 2016, Mayiga admitted lack of progress and offered to work closely with other make progress (See:  Speech audio and photos from Mayiga’s monthly visits to Kasubi Tombs starting to cost him support).

Despite Mr. Mayiga’s promise to be a team player, his fights with others did not stop and on March 8, 2016, Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II instructed Mayiga to stop his monthly inspections of Kasubi Royal Tombs until the restoration work was completed (Kabaka tells Katikkiro Mayiga to stop his monthly visits to Kasubi Tombs until work is completed). He appointed Mr. Sengendo to be in charge of the restoration. Months after the Kabaka replaced Sengendo with Jonathan Mudigos Nsubuga who has managed the project until now.


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