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On May 13, 2017, the head of Ngonge Clan, Omutaka Kisolo, Muwanga Ssebyoto, was the chief guest at the a get together ceremony organized by members of  Essiga lya Luyinda (Luyinda sub clan). The ceremony took place at Katoogo in Kyaggwe County.

In his speech, Omutaka Kisolo said that clans in Buganda lack competent  people to take on technical responsibilities. This is because any Baganda now take their clans and leadership for granted. He blamed that attitude for weakening many Baganda clans.

Omutaka Kisolo, Muwanga Ssebyoto

Jjajja Kisolo, therefore called on members of Essiga lya Luyinda and other Baganda to recruit more people to actively participate in the the planning and day to day operations of their respective clans, which will strengthen the future of Baganda clans.

The ceremony was attended by Ngonge clan top leaders, clan members and well wishers.

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