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On May 6, 2017, a relative to one of the caretakers at Kasubi Royal sent an email to BugandaWatch about the current state of the Tombs.

Regarding progress of Muzibu Azaala Mpanga reconstruction, the email says that the work is still slow because the number of workers at the site remains small. And it is because Mengo has not provided enough funds to the site manager, Mr.  Jonathan Nsubuga, to hire more workers.

She added, “Abazaana are happy because Mengo is consistently paying their monthly allowances on time. They are also happy for the food supplies (Amakula) although they are troubled that someone takes some of their allocations at delivery time.

“The ladies told me that Grace of the Kabaka Protection Unit no longer takes some of their food since BugandaWatch exposed her.  It is now Paul Kabu who steals some of their food. He holds the official title of Mulamba (traditional security officer of Kasubi Royal Tombs). Not too long ago he started harassing Abazaana and now takes some their food supplies, claiming that he is taking it to Omulangira Ndawula, a brother to Kabaka Mutebi who lives near Kasubi Tombs.”

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