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On Apirl 5, 2017, the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi hosted members of Kibe (fox) Clan in his palace at Mengo, Kyaddondo County. Kibe clan members went to the palace for a customary Baganda visit the Kabaka commonly known as Okulanya. During Okulanya ceremonies, clan leaders report transitions or prominent members to Kabaka and also get a chance to discuss different matters of mutual interests with Kabaka face to face.

The head of Kibe Clan, Omutaka Muyige, Suleiman Kinaalwa,  told Kabaka Mutebi that the clan currently has no ancestral home (Obutaka). However, Omutaka  Muyige did not explain how, when, why and to who the clan lost the land. Later, BugandaWatch learnt that Omutaka Muyige had earlier written to Kabaka Mutebi, informing him about land issue.

While addressing his visitors, Kabaka Mutebi said that they should to buy a piece of land near their ancestral home at Wantaayi in Kyaggwe County and build a new clan home. Kabaka Mutebi also thanked Sseruti (Kabaka’s the official brewer) for protecting the traditional land of his office.

Kabaka tastes wine by Sseruti, his chief brewer

Omutaka Muyige told the Kabaka that the clan development plan includes building a modern factory to make Baganda traditional juice (Omubisi), constructing a clan office in Kampala and planting a forest on their ancestral place, once they secure land. Following Baganda tradition, members of Kibe clan brought Amakula (gifts Kabaka).

Kabaka Mutebi in group photo with Kibe clan members

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