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On April 7, 2017 a local Luganda newspaper, Kamunye, published a story which claimed that Buganda minister for youth and sports, Henry Sekabembe, had compiled and distributed to patrons of Baganda Nkoba za Mbogo Students Association (BANKOSA) chapters the names and photos of individuals who he said must be barred from all Baganda youth functions. The same story also reported that unknown men had tried to kill a BANKOSA member who demonstrated against Katikkiro Mayiga because he (Mayiga) failed to protect Kabaka Mutebi from frequent law suits. The law suits resulted from mistreatment of citizens by Buganda Land Board staff (See: Mengo in desperate fight to control damage after Nkoba za Mbogo student protest and accusations).

BugandaWatch pursued the story and investigations continue. However, the physical evidence discovered so far is enough to prove that, although it has no legal authority under Uganda Law, Mengo has since 2013 been carrying out acts of violence and defamation against Baganda youth, targeted clan leaders, vocal Lukiiko members and other Baganda who disagree with Mayiga. Some of the evidence strong enough to suggest that even Uganda style murder plans might be involved.

April 7, 2017 front-page headline – murder attempt on Ibra Waswa


Starting on April 22, 2017, BugandaWatch will publish a series of stories presenting the evidence that the Katikkiro and minister Sekabembe have been built a secret militia at Mengo to deal with nationalist Baganda youth. And that one Lydia Nakyeyune, a Uganda Police detective was inserted in Mengo by Sekabembe, Mayiga, Kale Kayihura and the late Kaweesi to train and command that militia to do violence on BANKOSA members and other Baganda youth selected by Sekabembe and Mayiga.

BugandaWatch will also report on advanced propaganda systems, paid for by both Mengo and Uganda Government, which Mayiga and Sekabembe have used since 2013 to brainwash hundreds of unsuspecting Baganda youth to give them blind support.

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