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On April 8, 2017, BugandaWatch published a story that implicated senior Buganda officials at Essuubiryo Zambogo SACCO in an insider lending scandal (See: Senior Buganda officials implicated in an insider lending scandal at Mengo promoted SACCO). The story reported that Essuubiryo Zambogo SACCO has been brought to its knees because senior managers were excessively lending to themselves and their friends with many borrowers failing to pay back.

On April 10, 2017, a BugandaWatch follower on Facebook in the names of Kivumbi Benon posted a letter on our Facebook page, to refute the April 8 story. It accuses BugandaWatch of malice against Essuubiryo Zambogo SACCO and claims that everything in the story was false. Although the letter was not signed, it had what appears to be the official stamp of the SACCO.

BugandaWatch is yet to establish if Mr. Kivumbi was authorized to post the letter on Facebook.

Unsigned letter posted by top manager’s son


After Mr. Kivumbi posted the letter, BugandaWatch carried received more than one message claiming that Kivumbi Benon is a son to Mr. Wamala, the Chairperson of Essuubiryo Zambogo SACCO Limited. BugandaWatch is expanding its continuing investigation of Essuubiryo Zambogo SACCO to also find if Mr. Kivumbi got his job through an open process or through nepotism.

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