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On February 11, 2017, BugandaWatch reported that Mrs. Joyce Mpanga had used a meeting of the Buganda Lukiiko to pour cold water on Katikkiro Mayiga’s campaign to quickly close a deal to lease Mengo Lubiri to unidentified foreigners for commercial development (See: How Mrs. Joyce Mpanga put a roadblock in Mayiga’s plan to lease Kabaka’s palace to fake investors). On February 13, 2016, after Mrs. Mpanga’s objections to Mayiga’s Lubiri plans, an online publication named BugandaToday.com published a story accusing her of opposing Mayiga’s plans for Mengo Lubiri because she, her children and grandchildren were suffering from living privileged lives.

BugandaToday.com publishes even more promotional stories about Mr. Mayiga personally than the official Buganda Government website www.buganda.or.ug. It consistently presents him as a highly successful Katikkiro and even published a special story to promote his book on Ugandan politics.

BugandaWatch first wrote about BugandaToday.com in November 2016,  after it online paper published false allegations that Kabaka Mutebi was intending to fire Deputy Katikkiro of Buganda Apollo Makubuya for stealing Buganda land and David Mpanga for incompetence (See: New Baganda online news site opens, slams Makubuya and Mpanga but praises Mayiga). Notably, the allegations were made at a time when false rumors were floating in Mengo that either Makubuya or Mpanga had sponsored Nkoba za Mbogo students to protest Mr. Mayiga negligence about complaints against Buganda Land Board and court cases against Kabaka Mutebi (See: Mengo in desperate fight to control damage after Nkoba za Mbogo student protest and accusations).

After weeks of investigation, BugandaWatch has found no conclusive evidence to support claims by some of Mayiga’s opponents that he created BugandaToday.com to own his personal propaganda machine. BugandaWatch continues to investigate but, so far, it appears that BugandaToday.com was established by one Ssegawa without clear business connections to Mr. Mayiga.

A pattern is clear though that BugandaToday.com has made it a habit to promote Mr. Mayiga’s image while publishing diversionary or fake news reports against those who openly disagrees with the Katikkiro. Examples of often fake or misleading BugandaToday.com stories against prominent Baganda who openly disagree with Mayiga’s policies or actions, on culture and kingdom properties are listed below.

Nakirembeka embarrasses Makubuya in Bushenyi, 15TH MARCH 2017

Buganda Lukiiko members want Joyce Mpanga dismissed, 20TH FEBRUARY 2017

Joyce Mpanga’s Lubiri opposition is a result of her personal privilege, 13TH FEBRUARY 2017

Bukedde editor, Kulubya, to be fired for stage-managing anti-Buganda news, 31ST OCTOBER 2016

Kabaka reviewing key positions at Mengo, 3RD NOVEMBER 2016

Kabaka Mutebi unhappy with Makubuya over hotel land, 3RD NOVEMBER 2016

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