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On March 25, 2017, former Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr. Dan Muliika, was the guest of honor at a  ceremony cerebrating 60 years of Kadongokamu (guitar country music) in Buganda. The ceremony was organised by Mr. Tonny Sempija at Freedom City shopping center which is located at Namasuba in Kyaddondo County.

While speaking to the Kadongokamu artists and their fans, Mr. Muliika said that their kind of family oriented music allows parents to bring their children to concerts and enjoy without fear of embarrassment by vulgar artists. He also commended Kandongokamu singers for dressing respectfully and presenting music that is both entertaining and educational.

The audience at the 2017 Kadongokamu Country Music Awards

Katikkiro Muliika advised the artists to consider working through their umbrella organization to create a museum which will preserve the history of their kind of music for future generations. He asked them further to include  traditional musical instruments like Amadinda, Endingidi, Entenga, Entongooli and other Baganda instruments in their music, to make it more unique, valuable and interesting. He said that the uniqueness could become an attraction to tourists who travel the world looking for unique music sounds and styles.

The former Katikkiro later presented awards and medals to Kadongokamu artists who were judged to be the best in various categories over the last 60 years. Artists who were recognized for writing, performing and producing songs that had major positive effects on people’s lives included  Herman Basudde (deceased), Livingstone Kasozi (deceased), Christopher Sebadduka  (deceased) Paul Kafeero (deceased) Fred Sebatta, Matia Luyima , Dan Mugula, Mathias Walukagga, Matia Kakumirizi, Harriet Sanyu and Willy Mukaabya.

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