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From 2015 into 2016, the Uganda NRM government carried out a feasibility study to install a network of public cameras to track opposition politicians and Baganda nationalists in the Buganda counties surrounding Kampala. A Muganda source in the Ugandan police told BugandaWatch in 2016 that the target counties were Busiro, Kyaddondo, Mawokota, Kyaggwe and parts of Bulemeezi.

On March 21, 2017, the same Ugandan police source confirmed to BugandaWatch that the camera installation which Mr. Museveni announced after the recent assassination of a senior Munyarwanda police officer, Felix Kaweesi, will target the same Buganda counties the 2015/2016 project.

An Acholi police officer named Edward Ochom was in charge of the camera installation feasibility study in 2015/2016 and its primary objective was to ensure that no large scale civil apprising like Kayunga of 2009 ever happens in Buganda again.  However, technical incompetence and excessive corruption made implementation impossible because Banyankore and Banyarwanda officers, including Kayihura, kept sabotaging Ochom whom they disrespected.

In a speech after the murder of Felix Kaweesi, Mr. Museveni ordered his ministry of finance to make installation of cameras a top priority. He mentioned that he had wanted to the project done earlier but had decided to first focus on electric power first. However, now everything else can wait until the cameras are installed.

A United States based BugandaWatch analyst told this reporter that maintaining a sophisticated network of cameras in the now slum infested Kampala and surrounding Buganda counties is a joke. He explained, “I cannot see how a government that is too corrupt and incompetent to operate 100-year technologies like an electric grid or a telephone network will be able to operate a network of thousands of cameras 24×7. Allocating millions of dollars to buy a camera network before ensuring that you have reliable power to run everything economically is clearly evidence that Uganda is a failed state and its armed occupation of Buganda is running on fumes.”


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  • oto

    We are not cowards, but just want to live in peace. So please stop all this nonsense otherwise, you won’t like it!!!!!

  • Lumu

    Brothers and Sisters, just don’t buy into the intimidation, we are all humans and have blood. Therefore, we all die, feel pain and also fear death. So, we just need to stand up to these idiots and kick them out of our country. Otherwise, there will never be peace