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On March 17, 2017, a relative of one of the caretakers (Abazaana) of Kasubi Royal Tombs sent an email to BugandaWatch, reporting that the ladies are happy because Mengo is now frequently bringing them food. She wrote, “I am glad to tell you that my relative confirmed to me that they are now getting steady food supplies from Mengo. This month of March alone, three deliveries have already been made. The only small worry for the ladies is that the Kabaka Protection Unit woman guard called Grace takes some of their food, saying that they must pay import taxes.”

The email also reports that relatives of Abazaana continue to visit them without any problems. And that the number of workers doing restoration increased by two, although the pace of the work still seems to be very slowly. The email concludes with, “May be the other thing that takes away some of the happiness is that all the lights on the perimeter wall are now dead and the whole place is completely dark at night.”

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