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At about 12:00 PM on February 25, 2017, members of Lugave Clan visited Kabaka Mutebi in Mengo Lubiri, for the customary Baganda practice called Okulanya (or Kulanya). During Okulanya, clan leaders introduce new clan members and heirs, report transitions of prominent clan members, discuss different matters of mutual interest with the Kabaka face to face and may eat a meal offered by the Kabaka (Okugabulwa Ssaabasajja). The clan members cook and take the food to the place for Okugabulwa.

Katikkiro Mayiga selected Lugave Clan to be the first to visit Kabaka Mutebi in a Kulanya ceremony in more than 10 years. However, on March 5, 2017, BugandaWatch received an email from London based Lugave Clan member, Mr. Sammy Mutyaba, accusing Mayiga of manipulating Kabaka Mutebi into attending an event which is illegal under the Baganda traditional law (Ennono) and dangerous to the kingdom.

The make his point, Mr. Mutyaba asked, “If the real purpose was a successful and majestic relaunch of Kulanya events, why did Mayiga select a clan whose leader whose has had trouble since the 1990s proving [in Embuga ya Kisekwa] how he inherited the position? Is that not clear evidence that Mayiga and his handlers may be lying to Kabaka that Ssemakula Kasepeewo is the legal clan leader under Ennono?”

Lugave delegation with Amakula at the revival of Kulanya in Buganda

When BugandaWatch asked 12 different Lugave Clan members age over 40 years on March 5 and 6, 2017, the majority (8 people) said Mr. Sam Mutyaba was correct and someone else is supposed to be head of Lugave Clan. Two people disagreed and 2 were unsure.

In his speech to the Lugave members on February 25, 2017, Kabaka Mutebi, said that the practice of Okulanya was stopped [12 year ago] because of repairs to palaces but he was happy to revive it. He then praised [Omutaka] Grace Ssemakula for using his Ngabo newspaper to promote the return of Kabakaship from exile and participating in negotiations with president Museveni to have the government agree to official recognition the Kabakaship. However, the Kabaka said nothing to indicate that he was even aware that Grace Ssemakula faced a rebellion in Lugave.

Chinese who came with a painting and other presents got the most attention at Lugave Kulanya

In addition to questioning Mr. Mayiga’s decision to relaunch Okulanya with Lugave Clan, Mr. Mutyaba also complained that Mr. Grace Ssemakula and his delegation violated so many Baganda customs and cultural practices that it made them look like foreigners and hugely damaged the image of Lugave Clan.

Mr. Mutyaba wrote, “What does it tell you that a Baganda clan leader brings one of his wives, who is from another clan or tribe, to make a speech in front of Ssabasajja on behalf of Olugave? And look at all the photographs on the kingdom’s official Facebook page. How can the mighty Lugave clan take Amakula of 6 chicken, 6 matooke bunches 20 Kgs of rice, 20 Kgs and Chinese things in front of Sabasajja Kabaka wa Buganda during Kulanya? Where do these Chinese women fit in the picture are they investor or part of Makula?”

Other Lugave members spoke during the ceremony. However, Mrs. Irene Ssemakula violated Baganda traditional law (Ennono) when she spoke on behalf of the clan leader, possibly creating the impression that her Baganda clan leader husband is unaware of the Ennono requirement that if a clan leader is unable to speak in front the Kabaka, only the clan Katikkiro or other knowledgeable member of the clan can step in.

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