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Days before Christmas of 2016 a new online newspaper named The Spear News (www.thespearnews.com) started publishing stories, some initially sourced from the publishers of another Ugandan online news outlet www.watchdog.co.ug. By early February 2017, there was clear evidence in the stories that Ms. Betty Nambooze, arguably, the most vocal pro-Buganda MP in Uganda’s NRM controlled parliament, was the owner.

On February 15, 2016, the lead story of the Spear News was Nambooze declares herself leader of [Bad DP] and quoted Ms. Nambooze saying, “I don’t want to use [the Democratic Party] as a vehicle to take me somewhere, I offer myself as a vehicle to take DP to her true destination. Its high time malnourished DP get either a mom or worrier in Nambooze to retrieve it.”

Betty Nambooze, pursuing control over the future of DP

The Spear News also quoted Ms. Nambooze explaining that, “Good DP to Museveni are those sycophants working for him within their party. With such, she said, he intends to create his own opposition made of Good DPs to be like that of Rwanda where government made its own opposition and imprison its genuine [opposition].”

Ms. Nambooze did not reveal how many of the 15 DP members in parliament are Mr. Museveni’s sycophants. The Democratic Party (DP) has 15 MPs (3.6%) out of total of 417 while Mr. Museveni’s NRM has 294 (70.5%), FDC 36 (8.6%) UPC 6 (1.5%) and Independents 66 (15.8%).

BugandaWatch investigation show that, just over 2 months after its launch, Nambooze’s paper is steadily gaining notice and recognition from Ugandans in Diaspora as a private online source of Ugandan style politics news and opinions which is not controlled by NRM government, natives of Ankole and Rwanda or the Aga Khan.

The Spear News  has published hard-hitting articles against Museveni and his NRM, Norbert Mao’s wing of DP, Katikkiro Mayiga, Judge Paul Kavuma, allegedly compromised pentecostal pastor-businessmen and other personalities or institutions that the Spear News editors determine to be corrupt or compromised in the Ugandan political, business and social fields.

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