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As BugandaWatch reported earlier, on January 30, 2017, Mrs. Joyce Mpanga resisted efforts by the Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr. Peter Mayiga, to sell or lease Kabaka palace (See: How Mrs. Joyce Mpanga put a roadblock in Mayiga’s plan to lease Kabaka’s palace to fake investors) Mrs. Mpanga was reacting  Mr. Mayiga’s one hour speech to the Buganda Lukiiko, where he also claimed that Baganda clan leaders were consulted through their moderator, Omutaka Kayiira Gaajuule, and had no objections.

BugandaWatch has learnt that, in their regular meeting on February 2, 2017, members of Olukiiko lw’Abataka Abakulu b’Obusolya mu Buganda (council of Baganda clan leaders) dissociated themselves from the claims by Mayiga that they had no problems with his plotting to hand control of Mengo Lubiri to foreigners.

A senior official in one of the larger Baganda clans told BugandaWatch on condition of anonymity, that on February 2nd, the clan leaders decided that they will have nothing on their agenda until they get all the facts about the status of Mengo Lubiri and Mayiga’s claims that he had informed them about his plans to sell or lease it to foreigners.

He added, “They appointed a committee of three to investigate why Mayiga is putting so much energy on selling Mengo Lubiri, which is a responsibility of the Bataka. They agreed that Mengo Lubiri is a sacred national site for Baganda and, as the clan leaders, they had a responsibility to protect it from desecration. The committee was tasked to report in three weeks and to bring a valid copy for of the land title for Mengo Lubiri.”

Omutaka Nakirembeka (Omutima Omusaggi clan) was appointed committee chairman. The other members are Omutaka Mutesaasira (Ngo clan) and Omutaka Kannyana’s Katikkiro (Engabi Enyunga clan), a professional lawyer.”

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  • Godfrey Iga

    Buganda ought to be developed by ,Kabaka’s subjects, let us be given a chance to invest in this development