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Kasubi Royal Tombs workers happy after site manager appears from months of hiding to pay them
On August 15, 2017, BugandaWatch received a new and...

A reliable source who visited Kasubi Royal Tombs last week has told BugandaWatch that she saw clear evidence that it may take a few more years to complete the reconstruction, if. She described the progress and future of Kasubi Royal Tombs as unclear.

She explained, “There are so many worker complaints, money is short and I heard that the site project manager is trying but with limited knowledge of Baganda cultural issues.”

Work overload, little pay and inadequate food supplies are the biggest complaints she heard about, the source said.

“The 15 disgruntled workers on the job now are too few. I was told they were about 30 until October 2016 when a half of them left complaining that Mengo was not paying them enough compared the workload. The site project manager, Mr. Jonathan Nsubuga promised to bring new workers but none has come.  Because the workers who left were the most skilled, everything slowed down,” the source told BugandaWatch.

On pay, the source said the workers are unhappy because Mengo is paying them less compared the group that abandoned the work used to earn. She explained, “It seems that Mengo let the best workers go; they earned UGX 40,000 ($11) per day but wanted more. The less skilled men who stayed thought they would also earn UGX 40,000 per day but Mengo is paying them only UGX 120,000 per week or UGX 24,000 ($6.85) per day.

In addition to money payments, the workers are supposed to be provided with food allowance. However, the source said, “What I learnt is that the 15 employees get one and a half kilograms of posho (maize flour) which is too small for them. They said that they have complained to Mengo but nothing changes and no one is willing to listen to them.”

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