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Nga 25 January 2018, BugandaWatch yafuna amawulire okuva mu...

On January 8, 2016, unknown arsonists set fire to the boundary fence of Kabaka’s palace in Nakasongola, Buluuli County.  The attackers seem to be trying to stop the work that local Baganda youth were doing to improve the palace enclosure. Up to today, Mengo and its communication channels, including official website www.buganda.or.ug remain silent about the Nasongola fire.

On January 30, 2017, Katikkiro Mayiga spent over one hour desperately trying to convince the Buganda Lukiiko that Mengo Lubiri (Kabaka’s cultural national palace) must be leased to foreigners but he never mentioned that another Kabaka’s palace had been partially burnt. And that On January 16, 2017, Uganda security minister, Henry Tumukunde had ordered that repairs to the fire damage by Baganda youth stop because, “it might lead to violence between Baganda loyalists and followers of NRM created Sabaluuli, Mwogeza Butamanya.”

At the Buganda Lukiiko meeting of January 30, 2017, Mayiga also reported that Kabaka Mutebi had analyzed how his subjects sing the Buganda national anthem, Kitiibwa kya Buganda, and decided that the parts about “the bravely of our ancestors who fought to build our nation” and telling “young Baganda to be ready to fight, like our ancestors” should only be sung in Bulange or at events where Kabaka (read heavy Uganda security forces) is present. He did not mention if Kabaka Mutebi was even aware of the fire attack on his palace.

A Baganda youth leader from Buluuli County told BugandaWatch by phone on February 6, 2017, that Mengo leadership abandoned them and county officials had not received any official document from Katikkiro’s office to clarify this issue.

He explained, “We don’t know what to do next. Butamanya’s well facilitated gang claims that Mayiga officially wrote a letter accepting that Sabaluuli is the leader of Buluuli as in the MOU agreement between Museveni and Ssaabasajja. And Tumukunde has also said that they are implementing the memorandum of understanding.  Mayiga is too busy selling the Mengo palace we don’t even know if cares about our battles.”

On February 6, 2015, BugandaWatch reported that Uganda local press had published a story alleging that Mengo had caved in and had written a letter, dated Thursday, January 22, 2015, to Sabaluuli, recognizing him and notifying him of the intended visit by Mayiga. Mengo never denied the story which also claimed that the letter was signed by the Chairperson of Buganda Kingdom Reconstruction Committee, John Fred Kiyimba Freeman, on behalf of the Katikkiro (See: Kabaka Mutebi Will Tour His Buluuli County in May 2015).

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  • Lt Baziira

    The sooner Katikkiro Mayiga leaves Mengo, the better!! He thinks that he can confuse the captain, cause the boat to sink and make off with the loot….