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Ebaluwa ya Muyanja okuva mu America – Okweyanjula nokwebaza
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BugandaWatch is seeking up to three new curious, energetic and enthusiastic writers to expand its current team of four investigative reporters in Buganda. BugandaWatch is the only source of unbiased and independent news and information from and about Buganda Kingdom in the world. If something can significantly affect the welfare of Baganda or Kabaka, BugandaWatch will try its best to report it.

To qualify as a BugandaWatch reporter, you must be a natural at researching and accurately reporting information ̶ quick to see a possible scoop, break a story and report it at a time when it can be most valuable to the public.

To succeed at BugandaWatch, you must be able to think independently and willing to disagree with wrong ideas or actions by your bosses, loved ones and leaders in Buganda or elsewhere.

More about you:

  • You must have total allegiance to Buganda and Kabaka.
  • You must show strong knowledge of at least three of the following Baganda institutions and groupings:
    • Kabaka
    • Clans
    • Mengo
    • Buganda Land and Kingdom Properties
    • Counties and sub-county administrations
    • Baganda politicians
    • Religious organizations in Buganda
  • You must be able to quickly develop friendly relationships and gain the trust of important news sources.
  • You must be a good listener who is excellent at getting maximum information from a source without giving away much.
  • You must be a good English writer and are able to edit your stories to meet BugandaWatch standard reporting style.
  • You must have no experience writing for Ugandan newspapers–we will give you a different experience.
  • You must be technology savvy, active on social media and ready to use digital tools such as image and video editors.
  • You must have completed O-Levels and be aged 18 years or higher.

Background check on you:

A detailed background check shall be done to verify your education, work background, ability to protect sensitive information and allegiance to your clan, Buganda and Kabaka.

How to apply:

Send an email to editor@BugandaWatch.com  with subject WANT TO BE INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER and include the following:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Clan and ssiga
  • Buganda county where you reside

If you do not hear from us after 21 days assume that we have already found enough qualified candidates (First Come First Served).

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