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Dear readers,

First, I thank the editors of BugandaWatch for allowing me to share this information with you as a guest writer. I am Kalule Kasule, personal secretary to the recently elected head of Ngeye Clan in Buganda, Haj Muhamood Minge Kibirige. And the purpose of my writing is to throw some more light on a recent ruling by Ssaabasajja Kabaka on Ngeye Clan leadership issues.

First of all, I wish to tell you that since the death of Ngeye Clan head Omutaka Kasujja, Alikadi Zibukuyimbwa in 1927, nearly 90 years ago, our clan has been trying to solve this problem. After his death, there were many disagreements about the right person to succeed him from the right Kalutte succession line (Omutuba gwa Kalutte). As a compromise clan elders agreed to request and elder from Museruka line (Omutuba gwa Maseruka) to act as a caretaker until Kalutte members agreed on the right person and the last funeral rituals (okwaabya olumbe) for the deceased were done.

In 2009, members of Mutuba gwa Kalutte finally agreed that they could elect the right person to succeed Omutaka Alikadi Zibukuyimbwa and petitioned Embuga ya Kisekwa (Baganda Traditional Court) to that declare Ngeye Clan had a caretaker head. They also wanted the caretaker to step down so that the clan could get the right person as head (Kasujja). Leaders of Omutuba gwa Maseruka opposed the petition.

Based on the evidence presented by the two sides, Embuga ya Kisekwa court ruled that Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa II had indeed confirmed Festo Mayanja from Omutuba gwa Maseruka as a caretaker head of Ngeye Clan head. It also declared that the last funeral rituals for the last rightful clan head, Omutaka Zibukuyimbwa, were never performed. Hence no heir was installed. The court then ordered that the last funeral rituals of Omutaka Zibukuyimbwa be performed once Omutuba gwa Kalutte elect a new clan head.

Leaders of Omutuba gwa Maseruka were not satisfied by the ruling and appealed to Kabaka Mutebi II, who ordered a second hearing of the case in 2012 to examine new evidence. After the second hearing, Embuga ya Kisekwa court saw no new evidence to cause a change in its previous ruling. However, leaders of Omutuba gwa Maseruka decided appeal to Kabaka again.

In a letter dated On 25th January 2016, from the of office of the Katikkiro of Buganda, Ssaabasajja Kabaka of Buganda officially denied the appeal to him by Omutuba gwa Maseruka and suspended the case from further hearing by Embuga ya Kisekwa court.

I take this opportunity to inform you that Omutuba gwa Kalutte plan to perform the last funeral rituals (okwaabya olumbe) for Omutaka Zibukuyimbwa and install Haj Muhamood Minge Kibirige as his heir and new Kasujja on March 5, 2016. The events will take place at the Ngeye Clan ancestral home, Busujja, Busiro County.

There are not supposed to be winners or losers after Kabaka’s ruling in this case because it was not about who is guilty and who is not. It was about correcting things that went wrong when many years of instability created confusion about the correct history of Ngeye Clan. The new Kasujja, members of Omutuba gwa Kalutte and all of us members of Ngeye Clan should now  forgive and forget anything bad that was said or done and cooperate in the spirit of brotherhood. That is how we shall move forward and build a clan we can all be proud of.

Awangaale Ssabasajja Kabaka

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